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Roadtrip shows you the cost of gas or petrol to drive from A to B, using your exact car model ✨
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A screenshot of the Roadtrip app showing the cost is $99 from san francisco to los angeles in a 2015 toyota corolla

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How it works


Enter your start & end point

Enter your origin and your destination for your trip, or use your current location.
An image of UI showing two text fields, From: Wellington, To: Auckland


Enter your car model

Just search for your car model and Roadtrip will use the exact specs of your vehicle. Works with motorcycles, trucks, you name it.
An image showing UI of a licence plate DRK837car VW Golf GTI


See the fuel price!

Roadtrip will show you how much the trip will cost based on the actual milage of your car.
A UI showing the price of the journey, $148 per person one way, plus a map of the journey
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So Helpful
Not only is the app easy to use and fluid but makes my life so much easier for those petty arguments over petrol money. Honestly could not thank this app more.
Taylah99 – US
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Brilliant app that ACTUALLY WORKS!
For years I've been calculating my trip costs through websites but this app is just so much simpler and is actually up to date with my local petrol prices and is accurate to my cars consumption! Definitely recommend!
Tigerz – UK
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Best app for planning road trips. Especially love the ability to calculate split costs based on multiple people... not to mention the costs are based on my actual car. This is awesome! Highly recommend.
DavCraw2543 – AU
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Only off by a dollar
Planned my trip and set my budget for the fuel using this app, it was correct with the fuel price, jut off by a dollar which is be expected. I recommend this all to anyone who’s planning a trip and wants to know how much it’ll cost for fuel.
Jason S – US
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Great app
I'm from the UK and I've found this app to be brilliant. It gives accurate price estimates for trips and also finds cheap petrol stations nearby! No complaints works great!
Finlat – UK
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Great app
My estimates for how much I have spent on petrol for various trips match closely with the app estimated trip costs. Quite eye opening comparing my son's Holden Colorado $342 Wellington round trip to our Prius same journey $82.
Greg Mason – NZ
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Pretty good when you have no idea how much gas your car uses you can change the price for petrol and bam you know everything you need to know economy wise about that potential trip. Wish i found this sooner
Skye Thompson – NZ

Download the Roadtrip app today!

Embark on your journeys with Roadtrip, the app that's transforming how you manage fuel costs globally, with a unique advantage for those in the UK:

🌍 Global Compatibility: Whether you're cruising the highways of the US, navigating the streets of Europe, or exploring the scenic routes of New Zealand, Roadtrip has you covered. This app is your global companion for all road adventures.

🇬🇧 Real-Time UK Petrol Prices: For our UK users, Roadtrip offers a special feature - real-time visibility of petrol prices at every station across the UK. From Tesco to Shell, and Sainsbury's to Applegreen, get up-to-the-minute price information, ensuring you always find the best deal.

🚗 Vehicle-Specific Calculations: Roadtrip is tailored to your vehicle. Enter your car, truck, or motorcycle's make and model for personalized fuel cost estimates that reflect your real-world consumption.

💰 Split Costs with Ease: Traveling with friends? Split fuel and other travel expenses effortlessly. Roadtrip's intuitive feature simplifies cost-sharing among your group.

🌱 Eco-Friendly Travel: Track your journey's carbon emissions and make sustainable travel choices. Roadtrip helps you minimize your environmental impact while maximizing adventure.

🗺️ Optimize Your Route: Discover the most fuel-efficient routes with Roadtrip's comparison tool. Balance cost-effectiveness and exploration for a truly memorable journey.

🔧 Multiple Vehicle Comparison: Choosing between different vehicles for your trip? Roadtrip aids you in comparing fuel costs across various options, helping you make the best decision for your needs.

User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a seamless, intuitive experience with Roadtrip. Its user-friendly design makes travel planning straightforward, even for first-timers.

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