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Roadtrip is a free app that figures out how much fuel will cost from A to B, using your exact car model 🚙
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A screenshot of the Roadtrip app showing the cost is $99 from san francisco to los angeles in a 2015 toyota corolla

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How it works


Enter your start & end point

Enter your origin and your destination for your trip, or use your current location.
An image of UI showing two text fields, From: Wellington, To: Auckland


Enter your car model

Just search for your car model and Roadtrip will use the exact specs of your vehicle. Works with motorcycles, trucks, you name it.
An image showing UI of a licence plate DRK837car VW Golf GTI


See the fuel price!

Roadtrip will show you how much the trip will cost based on the actual fuel economy of your car.
A UI showing the price of the journey, $148 per person one way, plus a map of the journey
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Roadtrip protects your privacy

We do not store your licence plate data after looking up your car's stats.
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So why is Roadtrip the best fuel cost calculator?

When it comes to calculating fuel costs for your road adventures, Roadtrip stands head and shoulders above the rest. But what exactly makes it the ideal choice for those searching for a reliable fuel calculator, petrol calculator, or gas calculator? Here are some compelling reasons:

Real-Time Fuel Price Updates

While many apps offer fuel calculations, Roadtrip takes it a step further by integrating real-time petrol, diesel, and gas prices into its algorithms. This ensures that you get the most accurate and up-to-date cost estimates for your travel.

Tailored to Your Vehicle

Other fuel calculators provide generic estimates that often don't match real-world conditions. Roadtrip allows you to input specific details about your specific vehicle—make, model, and even year—delivering personalized calculations that closely mirror your actual fuel consumption. Plus it works with all types of vehicles – cars, trucks, motorcycles, you name it.

Comprehensive Cost Splitting

Pooling money with friends for a trip? With Roadtrip, you can effortlessly split fuel and other travel expenses with your travel companions. Its intuitive cost-splitting feature automatically divides the total cost among all participants, removing the headache of manual calculations.

Carbon Emissions Tracking

For the eco-conscious, Roadtrip offers something truly special—a feature that calculates the carbon emissions for your journey. It allows you to make more sustainable travel choices, offset the emissions from your trip, reducing your environmental impact without compromising on adventure.

Route Optimization for Fuel Efficiency

Why settle for one route when you could explore other, more fuel-efficient options? Roadtrip provides a robust route comparison tool that enables you to select the path that offers maximum fuel, money & emissions savings, perfectly balancing cost-effectiveness with the joy of exploration.

Multiple Vehicle Comparison

Unsure which vehicle to take on your expedition? Roadtrip helps you make an informed choice by comparing the fuel costs of different vehicles. Whether you're deciding between a car, truck, or motorcycle, you'll have all the data you need to pick the best option.

User-Friendly Experience

Last but not least, Roadtrip's clean and intuitive interface ensures a user-friendly experience. Even if you're new to the world of travel planning, navigating through the various features of this fuel calculator is an absolute breeze.

In summary, Roadtrip offers a comprehensive, reliable, and user-friendly solution for all your fuel cost calculation needs. Whether you're keen on tracking real-time fuel prices, eager to reduce your carbon footprint, or simply looking to split travel costs with friends, Roadtrip is the ultimate tool to enrich your travel experience.

Download Roadtrip today, your one-stop-shop for fuel calculations, and embark on a journey of cost-effective, sustainable, and unforgettable adventures!