New App Shows the Gas Cost to Drive from A to B

New Zealand's Viral Fuel Calculator App Launches today in the US, Showing the Cheapest Route to Drive from A to B

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March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

New App Shows the Gas Cost to Drive from A to B

New Zealand's Viral Fuel Calculator App Launches today in the US, Showing the Cheapest Route to Drive from A to B

Originally launched in New Zealand in by creators Ben Robertson and Emory Fierlinger, Roadtrip quickly ascended to the #1 position on the App Store, distinguishing itself through its accurate fuel cost predictions. Originally the app only worked in New Zealand due to the ability to work based on registration plates.

Now, with the app's introduction to the USA, Roadtrip brings its coveted services to American drivers, offering them a new way to navigate the costs associated with driving.

"After a TikTok about our app went viral, hundreds of people messaged us saying they need the app in the US, we recognized the substantial demand," Fierlinger noted. "It was clear we needed to extend our reach to the USA, and after dedicated effort, we're thrilled to announce its availability."

How Roadtrip works

Just enter your destination, then simply search for your car model – Roadtrip will look up the exact specifications of the car in our extensive database including MPG, vehicle weight, tank size, range and more.

Once you hit "Go" the app will calculate the exact cost of the gas used on the trip by cross checking local gas prices, the distance of the trip, the elevation, and most importantly the vehicles MPG – which leads to super accurate results.

See the cost of a trip

Roadtrip shows the cost of petrol based on your exact car specs – your car's miles per gallon, the amount of passengers, the distance, elevation and more, using our custom built algorithm.

One of the most used features of Roadtrip is the ability to split the cost of gas with friends on a long road trip. Gone are the days of awkward conversations about splitting gas or complicated ways of working it out. Now users can just add how many passengers they're traveling with, and if the trip is one way or return, and Roadtrip will show the cost per person.

Find the cheapest route

Roadtrip takes it a step further by showing how much money you could save by traveling a different route, for example the pacific coast highway from San Francisco to LA is $20 more than highway 1 if you're driving in a 2015 Toyota Corolla.

Users in New Zealand have praised the app for its accuracy and convenience, with users giving rave reviews, "Especially love the ability to calculate split costs based on multiple people... not to mention the costs are based on my actual car."

Roadtrip is particularly useful for calculating holiday travel costs compared to flying, comparing commuting expenses, choosing the most economical vehicle for group travel and of course splitting trip costs among friends.

Navigating Rising Gas Costs

With fuel prices fluctuating, the USA presents a varied landscape for drivers. Roadtrip's innovative features offer significant relief by allowing drivers to effectively manage and minimize their travel expenses.

"We are excited to introduce Roadtrip to the USA, especially at a time when managing travel costs is crucial for many. Our goal is to provide a tool that makes a real difference in people’s daily lives by helping them save money," says Emory Fierlinger, Roadtrip's founder. "Our mission is to empower drivers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their travel costs, leading to substantial savings."


The app is available to download for free today across both iPhone and Android.

Success in New Zealand

After launching in New Zealand in early 2022, Roadtrip has jumped to the top of the App Store charts – fueled entirely by word of mouth with zero paid marketing. Here's just some of the stats about the app's usage in New Zealand during 2023.

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Emory Fierlinger
Founder & CEO

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