6 Insider Tips to Save Money on Petrol in the UK

We asked experts what the best way to save money on petrol is in 2024 – here's what we found

Updated on 
February 26, 2024
February 26, 2024

6 Insider Tips to Save Money on Petrol in the UK

We asked experts what the best way to save money on petrol is in 2024 – here's what we found

1. Shop for Petrol on the Cheapest Day

Historically, petrol prices can vary by the day of the week, with Thursdays often being among the cheapest, followed closely by Mondays. Retailers might adjust prices in preparation for the weekend rush, so filling up on these days can lead to savings over time. Keep an eye on the pattern in your area, as regional variations can occur.

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The Roadtrip app easily shows the cost to drive from A to B in your exact car model. It's super easy to use – just type in your car number plate – plus it's completely free to see petrol prices, with no ads. What's really clever is that it shows the cheapest petrol stations along a route, and it has a "Cheaper Nearby" function which highlights if there's a cheaper station close by.

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2. Use the Roadtrip App to Find the Cheapest Petrol Near You

The Roadtrip app is an essential tool for anyone looking to save on petrol. It provides real-time updates on the cheapest petrol stations in your vicinity, ensuring you always get the best deal available. Simply enter your destination, and Roadtrip does the rest, saving you both money and time.

Incorporate Roadtrip Petrol Price Alerts for Timely Savings

As part of your strategy, don't forget to sign up for Roadtrip's petrol price alerts. This feature notifies you when there's a drop in petrol prices at your preferred stations or within your area, allowing you to take advantage of the lowest rates without constant monitoring.

3. Leverage Supermarket Fuel Vouchers

Taking advantage of fuel vouchers offered by supermarkets can lead to substantial savings. These vouchers, often available through loyalty programs or as part of promotional offers, can shave off a significant amount per litre.

4. Use Cashback Credit Cards at Petrol Stations

Select credit cards offer cashback on fuel purchases. Utilizing these cards when you fill up can effectively lower the cost per litre, especially when combined with the lowest prices identified through Roadtrip.

5. Avoid Premium Fuels if Unnecessary

For most vehicles, premium fuels offer no significant benefit over regular unleaded, despite their higher cost. Unless your car manufacturer specifically recommends premium fuel, sticking to regular unleaded can lead to considerable savings.

6. Optimize Your Vehicle's Aerodynamics

Improving your car's aerodynamics can enhance fuel efficiency. Simple actions like removing roof racks when not in use and keeping windows closed at higher speeds reduce drag, thus saving fuel.


Efficiently managing your petrol expenses in the UK requires a blend of traditional wisdom and modern technology. By choosing the right day to fill up, using tools like Roadtrip to find the lowest prices, and implementing practical savings strategies, you can significantly reduce your fuel costs. Roadtrip doesn't just help you find the cheapest petrol; it empowers you to make informed decisions that lead to real savings.

Download Roadtrip now and start enjoying more of your journeys for less.