Top 10 Canada road trip apps for your next adventure

Essential Road Trip Planner: Unleashing Canada's Wonders with Top Travel Apps and Gas Cost Calculators

Updated on 
October 16, 2023
October 16, 2023

Top 10 Canada road trip apps for your next adventure

Essential Road Trip Planner: Unleashing Canada's Wonders with Top Travel Apps and Gas Cost Calculators

Setting out on a road trip across the sprawling landscapes of Canada requires thorough preparation and a hefty dose of wanderlust. Whether you're looking to trace the edge of the majestic Rocky Mountains, navigate the bustling cityscape of Toronto, or take a deep dive into the rich cultural heritage of Quebec City, the vastness of Canada promises an unforgettable journey. Technology is your indispensable co-pilot in this venture, turning a simple drive into a cross-country adventure packed with unique experiences and scenic attractions.

Forget about the basics like Google Maps, Spotify, or Waze. These are assumed constants in the toolkit of the modern explorer. We are here to shine a spotlight on some lesser-known but extremely effective road trip-specific apps. Each of these digital aids is designed to facilitate every aspect of your journey, from carving out your path through the breathtaking Canadian wilderness, leveraging a gas cost calculator to find the most affordable refuelling stops, to unearthing hidden gems and offbeat attractions in every corner of this diverse nation.

In the following sections, we'll delve into the top 10 apps that you need to download before embarking on your great Canadian road trip. Ready to hit the road, eh? Let's dive into the digital landscape that will transform your Canadian exploration into a captivating tale of discovery and adventure.


See the fuel price from A to B

Roadtrip provides a super clever way to budget for the fuel costs for your journey from point A to point B.

The app uses the make and model of your exact car to estimate the fuel cost! Perfect for deciding which car to take or splitting the costs with friends. It also has helpful links to find accomodation at your destination, all in one place.

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Find cheap gas prices and rewards

The perfect companion app to Roadtrip, GasBuddy helps you locate the cheapest gas prices along your route, potentially saving you a significant chunk of your travel budget. Plus you can unlock rewards and discounts!

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GPS based audio tours

This awesome apps uses the GPS on your phone to guide you through different scenic locations across the USA, Canada, Australia, and Hawaii. You can individually buy each tour, and the app will intelligently tell see you are along the route and point out popular sights – just like a real tour guide!

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PlugShare is the #1 App for EV drivers

  • Key Feature: User-contributed insights on charging stations.
  • Why It's Essential: PlugShare provides invaluable user-generated content on EV charging stations worldwide, offering real-time updates and reviews from the EV community.

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Planner, Map, & Travel Guides

We all know and love Google maps, but Roadtrippers takes things to the next level for road trips! It shows you all the exciting places you might want to stop and see on a road trip, including offline maps.

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Bathroom, Loo and WC Finder

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Splitting bills with friends and family

While apps like Roadtrip are great for splitting the cost of fuel, often there are other expenses like accomodation or dinner that you want to easily split with friends or family. That's where Splitwise comes in – everyone in the group can add expenses and the app with automatically figure out how much everyone owes. Genuis!

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Weather on the way

Road Trip Weather Conditions

Having a typical weather app is great, but it can be really hard to plan what the weather will be like when driving across country. That's where Weather on the way comes in. It cleverly shows you the weather in every town you pass through on your road trip.

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Itineraries, budgets & packing

We love this lesser-known app because it's super well designed. It's especially perfect for budgeting and packing for a longer road trip. Used in conjunction with apps like Roadtrip for fuel budgeting you can get a great estimate for the trip costs.

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The best app for finding great walks

Alltrails is an awesome app that caters specifically to those who like to go off the beaten track, with millions of trails all around the world, you can see ratings and reviews from other travellers who have done the walk. It's super useful for seeing the true time to explore some of the great walks across the country!

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As we draw the virtual map of our cross-Canada road trip to a close, it's clear that technology has revolutionized the way we plan and experience our journeys. No longer do we rely solely on hefty travel guides or outdated maps. Today, a host of innovative road trip planner apps equip us with the tools to turn every journey into a tailored exploration, steeped in discovery and adventure.

The ten apps we've shared here are game-changers for any intrepid explorer looking to dive into the breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant cities, and rich cultural tapestry of Canada. From gas cost calculators ensuring your journey remains budget-friendly, to crowd-sourced advice leading you to lesser-known scenic spots, your Canadian road trip is poised to be a memory-rich adventure of epic proportions.

Let these apps be your virtual travel companions as you traverse the vastness of Canada, discovering its many wonders. As you embark on this journey, remember that every kilometer traveled, from the rugged coastlines of Newfoundland to the majestic peaks of the Canadian Rockies, the rolling prairies of Manitoba to the multicultural buzz of Toronto, unfolds a new chapter in your travel diary.

Beyond their practical applications, these apps foster a sense of community among road trippers. They allow you to share your discoveries, learn from fellow travelers, and contribute to an ever-growing knowledge base of Canada's hidden gems. This interactivity adds a whole new dimension to your road trip, transforming it from a personal quest into a shared adventure.

In essence, the road trip across Canada is more than just a travel plan. It's a journey of discovery, of connecting with the diverse landscapes and communities that make up this great country, and of creating stories that you'll carry with you long after the journey is over. So fuel up, plan your route, and let the adventure begin. With these road trip apps in hand, every day is sure to be a thrilling new chapter in your ultimate Canadian exploration.

Remember, the open road of Canada awaits, filled with surprises and wonders at every turn. And in the age of technology, you're better equipped than ever to dive in and explore. So let's hit the road, eh? Your unforgettable Canadian adventure starts now.