Roadtrip – The Best Fuel Trip Calculator App

This new app shows you exactly how much fuel for your trip will cost to drive from A to B

Updated on 
January 31, 2024
January 31, 2024

Roadtrip – The Best Fuel Trip Calculator App

This new app shows you exactly how much fuel for your trip will cost to drive from A to B

In a world where travel costs are ever-rising, managing and planning your travel expenses has never been more important. Enter Roadtrip – an innovative app that's revolutionizing how we calculate fuel costs for our journeys. Let's explore how Roadtrip makes travel budgeting both effortless and accurate.

Simple Yet Sophisticated 🌟

At its core, Roadtrip is all about simplicity. No need to be a tech wizard to navigate its user-friendly interface. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter Your Details: 📍 Begin by typing in your starting point and destination. From broad city names to specific street addresses, Roadtrip has you covered.
  2. Specify Your Vehicle: 🚘 This is where Roadtrip shines. Input your car model, and the app does the rest. In New Zealand and the UK, you can even enter your license or number plate for the app to fetch your car's specific details automatically.
  3. Get Your Cost Estimate: 💸 With your route and car model entered, Roadtrip calculates the cost of your journey. Whether it's a petrol, diesel, or electric vehicle, the app adjusts its calculations accordingly, giving you an accurate cost estimate.

Roadtrip Gas Calculator

See the gas cost from A to B

Just type in your destination and your car model and the Roadtrip app shows you the cost of gas – based on your exact car model and current gas prices.

You can even add people to the trip and see how much the gas would cost per person. Super clever!

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Features That Make a Difference ✨

  • Fuel Price Updates: 🇬🇧 In the UK, get real-time petrol station prices from over 3,800 stations. This ensures you're always getting up-to-date cost estimates based on the latest fuel prices.
  • Cost Splitting: 👫 Planning a trip with friends? Roadtrip makes it easy to split the fuel costs. Just enter the number of people, and the app divides the total cost, so everyone knows their share.
  • Global Reach: 🌍 Originally launched in New Zealand, Roadtrip is now going global. It's tailor-made for local conditions, whether you're in Australia, Canada, the USA, or the UK or anywhere else
  • Environmentally Conscious: 🌱 For those mindful of their carbon footprint, Roadtrip calculates your journey's carbon emissions, helping you make more eco-friendly travel choices.

Why Roadtrip Stands Out 🚀

What sets Roadtrip apart is its commitment to accuracy and user convenience. By using specific vehicle data, Roadtrip provides more precise cost estimates than generic calculators. Its global expansion means more travelers worldwide can now benefit from its features.

Whether you're planning a short commute or a cross-country adventure, Roadtrip takes the guesswork out of your travel expenses. Its intuitive design, combined with powerful features, makes it an indispensable tool for any traveler.

In a nutshell, Roadtrip isn't just a fuel trip calculator; it's a comprehensive travel companion that empowers you to plan smarter, travel further, and explore more, all while keeping your budget in check. Download Roadtrip today 📲 and take the first step towards more budget-friendly and efficient travel experiences.