New UK App Shows the Cheapest Petrol Station Along Your Route

New Zealand's Viral Fuel Calculator App Launches in the UK, Showing the Cheapest Route to Drive from A to B

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February 12, 2024
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February 12, 2024

New UK App Shows the Cheapest Petrol Station Along Your Route

New Zealand's Viral Fuel Calculator App Launches in the UK, Showing the Cheapest Route to Drive from A to B

Following its viral success in New Zealand, the innovative fuel cost calculator app, Roadtrip, is available from today in the UK. Roadtrip, which gained significant traction in New Zealand for its precise and user-friendly cost estimations, is set to transform how UK drivers plan and budget their road journeys.


Launched in New Zealand in 2022 by Ben Robertson and Emory Fierlinger, Roadtrip soared to the #1 spot on the App Store because of its unique ability to provide accurate petrol cost estimations – based on car number plates – at a time when fuel prices were soaring. Due to strong demand and the UK's new open license plate lookup system, Roadtrip has launched its services in the UK.

“After a Tiktok about the app went viral, with one comment 'we need this in the UK' getting over 3000 likes – that's when we knew there was real demand for the app in the UK”

Roadtrip was initially only available in New Zealand, due to the essential licence plate look-up system "we got to work on the UK version right away, and after months of work. we're super excited to finally be releasing it today" said Fierlinger.

Finding the Cheapest Route

In the UK, users can simply enter their destination and their vehicle’s number plate, and Roadtrip will calculate the exact cost of their trip using the actual MPG from their specific vehicle model.

See the cost of a trip

Roadtrip shows the cost of petrol based on your exact car specs – your car's miles per gallon, the amount of passengers, the distance, elevation and more, using our custom built algorithm.

See the cheapest petrol stations along a route

In addition to route optimisation, Roadtrip can show users the cheapest petrol stations along a route, helping save money at the pump. The app displays current petrol and diesel prices from over 4,200 stations across the UK, sourced in real-time. Roadtrip’s data is supplied directly from major fuel retailers including BP, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and more – updated as soon as prices change.

Users in New Zealand have praised the app for its accuracy and convenience, with users giving rave reviews, "Especially love the ability to calculate split costs based on multiple people... not to mention the costs are based on my actual car." Roadtrip is particularly useful for calculating holiday travel costs (compared to flying), splitting trip costs among friends, comparing commuting expenses, and choosing the most economical vehicle for group travel.

Live Petrol Price Map

Roadtrip also intelligently finds the cheapest station within 30km of your location, allowing users to save on petrol costs by shopping around – fuel types include Petrol, Diesel, Premium Petrol and Super Diesel. The app shows the last time petrol prices changed, and links off to Google Maps for directions.

Roadtrip shows stations that are cheaper nearby

Rising Petrol Prices

With some of the highest fuel prices in the developed world, and petrol prices increasing over 30% since 2021, the UK presents a challenging environment for drivers. Roadtrip’s features are designed to alleviate this burden by offering both route optimisation and fuel price comparisons, empowering drivers to save money every single week.

"We're so excited to bring Roadtrip to such a large audience in the UK, especially at a time when the cost of living is a challenge for so many. For us it's about providing a tool that can make a real difference in how people can save money day to day." says Emory Fierlinger, Roadtrip's founder. "Our mission is to help drivers make informed decisions about their travel costs, ultimately leading to massive savings over time"

Electric Vehicles & Carbon Emissions

Roadtrip also works for hybrids and electric vehicles, with the app also providing an estimate for the carbon emissions (CO2e) output by the vehicle. “It’s quite shocking to see the massive reduction in price and emissions when driving an EV” says Fierlinger “we hope it will encourage faster EV adoption when people can see the actual difference on the routes they actually drive.”


The app is available to download for free today across both iPhone and Android.

Success in New Zealand

After launching in New Zealand in early 2022, Roadtrip has jumped to the top of the App Store charts – fuelled entirely by word of mouth with zero paid marketing. Here's just some ot the stats about the app's usage in New Zealand during 2023.

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