Fuel Calculator UK | Based on your car reg

See the cost to drive from A to B using your car's reg plate and live petrol prices

Updated on 
February 12, 2024
February 12, 2024

Fuel Calculator UK | Based on your car reg

See the cost to drive from A to B using your car's reg plate and live petrol prices

In an era where fuel prices are as unpredictable as the British weather, having a reliable way to manage your travel costs can make all the difference. Enter Roadtrip: a groundbreaking app that transforms how you calculate fuel costs for your car in the UK. Forget about the hassle of manually inputting fuel types or guessing your vehicle's efficiency. Roadtrip simplifies your life by doing the heavy lifting for you.

How Roadtrip Works

1. Type in Your Car Model

With Roadtrip, there's no need to know your fuel type or MPG. Simply enter your car model, and let us fetch the exact specs of your vehicle. Whether you're driving a classic Mini Cooper or a sleek Tesla Model S, Roadtrip has got you covered.

2. Enter Your Journey Details

Where are you headed? Type in your start and destination points to let Roadtrip work its magic. Our app calculates the most cost-effective route, considering your car's specific fuel efficiency and the current fuel prices in the UK.

3. Discover Your Fuel Cost

Instantly, Roadtrip presents you with the total estimated fuel cost for your journey. This calculation considers your car's fuel efficiency and the latest fuel prices, offering you a clear picture of your travel expenses before you even hit the road.

Roadtrip App UK

See the petrol cost from A to B

The Roadtrip app easily shows the cost to drive from A to B in your exact car model. It's super easy to use – just type in your car number plate – plus it's completely free to see petrol prices, with no ads. What's really clever is that it shows the cheapest petrol stations along a route, and it has a "Cheaper Nearby" function which highlights if there's a cheaper station close by.

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What determines the cost of petrol and diesel in the UK?

The price of fuel in the UK is influenced by several factors, including global oil prices, exchange rates, taxes (fuel duty and VAT), and distribution and marketing costs. Seasonal demand can also play a role, with prices often increasing during holiday periods due to higher demand.

How does Roadtrip account for fluctuating fuel prices?

Roadtrip dynamically updates fuel prices within its calculations to ensure you get the most accurate estimate for your journey costs. By leveraging real-time data, Roadtrip helps you plan your trips with confidence, knowing you have the latest information at your fingertips.

Why do fuel prices vary by region?

Fuel prices can differ across the UK due to competition, transportation costs to remote areas, and varying operating costs for fuel stations. Roadtrip's sophisticated algorithm takes these variations into account, offering cost estimates that reflect the most current regional fuel prices.

Can Roadtrip help me save money on fuel?

Absolutely. By providing the most economical routes and accurate fuel consumption estimates based on your car's specific model and current fuel prices, Roadtrip enables you to choose the most cost-effective options for your travels. You can also see live petrol prices at over 4000 stations across the UK, helping save money by finding the cheapest station.

Is it more economical to drive at certain times of the day?

Yes, driving during off-peak hours can reduce fuel consumption by avoiding stop-start traffic, which is less efficient and increases fuel use. Roadtrip can help you plan your journey times, potentially saving fuel by recommending less congested routes.

How can I find the cheapest fuel near me?

By downloading the Roadtrip app, you'll be able to see over 4000 petrol stations live prices directly on the map. Roadtrip will even show you the cheapest petrol station near you within 10km.

Are diesel vehicles more fuel-efficient than petrol ones?

Diesel engines are generally more fuel-efficient than petrol engines, particularly for long-distance driving. However, the choice between diesel and petrol should consider other factors such as vehicle cost, tax, and intended use. Roadtrip supports both diesel and petrol vehicles, providing accurate cost estimations for each.

Could switching to an electric vehicle (EV) reduce my travel costs?

Switching to an EV can significantly reduce your per-mile travel costs, as electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel. Roadtrip accommodates EV owners by estimating the cost of electricity for your journeys, allowing for direct comparison with conventional vehicles.

Discover the Road Less Expensive with Roadtrip

Embrace smarter, more economical travel with Roadtrip. Whether you're navigating the cost implications of fuel type, vehicle efficiency, or regional price variations, Roadtrip delivers the insights you need to make informed decisions about your travel expenses. Download Roadtrip today and take the first step towards more predictable and manageable journey planning.